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De-Icer Rules

This year the Building Department and the Board of Trustees updated the Docks and Moorings law. With this we also updated the DE-ICER rules. With so many ice fishermen and winter sportsmen enjoying the frozen bay we need to be vigilant in enforcing these new rules to ensure safety. Below I will attach the new rules so everyone knows them. Please be sure to fill out a liability waiver for having a DE-ICER and understand above all else there is no DE-ICER allowed within 300 feet a public access point. Anyone found to be in violation of any portion of this code will be notified and required to remove them. Please understand that we are doing this to protect all residents and visitors alike. Copies of the liability waiver are available at the Village Hall or by request to the Code Enforcement Officer at ceo@soduspoint.info
Updated Chapter 86 Docks and Moorings Law;
§ 86-4. Definitions.
DEICER -Any mechanism that impedes the formation of ice by the movement of air bubbles or chemical applications by which warmer, subsurface water is drawn up and deflected to the surface, creating a circulation of warmer water that prevents ice formation.
§ 86-23.  Deicer limitations and configuration.
All residents and businesses intending to use a deicer are required to notify the Code Enforcement Officer of said deicer and shall be subject to any paperwork regarding liability. The following stipulations shall be met when using a deicer.
A.   Deicers shall not be allowed within 300 feet of a public access area.
B. Deicers shall be installed in a manner so as not to create open water in excess of 20 feet from the structure serviced by the deicer.

C.     Every structure for which a deicer shall be permitted shall be posted in such a manner as to warn persons from the land and water side of the use and operation of such deicer.

  1. Daytime warnings shall consist of a sign of not less than four feet by four feet which displays lettering in blaze orange in letters not less than six inches in height, which states: "Caution: Open Water."
  2. Nighttime warnings shall consist of a flashing amber light of at least six inches in diameter, which can be seen from the water side a minimum distance of 500 feet. Such warning light must operate nightly between dusk and dawn.
  3. Such warning  lights and signs must be in use and functioning  between  December 1 and April 1.

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