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Code Book

Code Book


Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 5: Appearance Tickets
Chapter 9: Assessments
Chapter 16: Defense and
Chapter 25: Investment Policy
Chapter 31: Offices and Employees
Chapter 35: Planning Board
Chapter 39: Procurement Policy
Chapter 45: Records
Chapter 47: Residency Requirements
Chapter 51: Adult Entertainment
Chapter 53: Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 57: Animal Control
Chapter 64: Bingo
Chapter 78: Burning, Outdoor
Chapter 84: Curfew
Chapter 86: Docks and Moorings
Chapter 91: Entertainment, Outdoor
Chapter 98: Firearms and Fireworks
Chapter 102: Fire Prevention/ Construction
Chapter 107: Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 121: Fences and Walls
Chapter 122: Loitering
Chapter 124: Green Energy
Chapter 125: RV & Campers
Chapter 127: Nuisances
Chapter 129: Occupations, Licensing of
Chapter 134: Parks
Chapter 138: Peace and Good Order
Chapter 139: Peddling and Soliciting
Chapter 141: Property Maintenance
Chapter 147: Sewers
Chapter 154: Snowmobiles
Chapter 161: Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 163: Swimming and Fishing
Chapter 168: Taxation
Chapter 175: Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 184: Water
Chapter 186: Waterfront Consistency

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Alterations, improvements and remodeling of  garages; carports; all sheds; roofing; siding; decks; porches; stairs; fences; swimming pools in which the water depth is two feet or greater; heating systems (new and replacement); hot tubs; fire suppression systems; fire alarm systems; solid fuel burning appliances; gas fired decorative appliances; parking lots.
  • Fences require a permit and planning board approval, this includes a hedge row (living fence.)
  • Roof tear down requires a permit
  • Demolition of any structure requires a permit
  • Sheds or other outdoors structures require a permit and may require Planning and Zoning Board approval
  • Garage sales must be concluded within seven days, with the exception of nonprofit organizations, and may be held no more than twice a year.
  • Boats which are not seaworthy or which have been abandoned may not be left in public view for more than 12 months
  • Names and addresses of adjoining properties are required on your building permit

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November Village Meetings

  • December 3th 4:00 P.M. Organizational Meeting
  • November 20th 6:30 P.M. Regular Board Meeting
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Phone: 315-483-9881

Fax: 315-483-0918

Village Clerk tdurham@soduspoint.info

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Mayor Dave McDowell



Village Projects

Week of November 19th

The wastewater main repairs are now complete.  The 49 lower manholes are also waterproofed.  The 3 lower lift stations still need to be sealed in order to complete our flood remediation work to the wastewater system.  The Village is working with engineers to make that happen.

Highway Department continues snow removal as needed.
Brush Schedule

Leaf collection was very short-lived due to the weather.   The highway guys did come around this week and pick up what piles they could identify.  We hope to be able to repeat that next week when the snow may be clear.  Whatever leaves we do not get this fall we will get in the spring.  Brush collection is over until April.
 Christmas tree collection as needed.