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Zoning Districts

 190-5. Zoning districts.   [Amended 6-21-2007 by L.L. No.   1-2007)

  1. In order to fulfill the purpose of this chapter, the Village of Sodus Point establishes and is hereby divided into the following zoning districts:

R             Residential
MH          Mobile Home Park
LCR        Limited Commercial/Residential
WC     Waterfront/Commercial
I              Industrial
P             Public/Institutional
N             Natural Areas
The aforementioned districts are generally described as follows:

  • Residential: conventional single-family housing at current development
  • Mobile Home Park: four or more manufactured homes on a single lot, or complexes of owned lots for the exclusive use of mobile/manufactured
  • Limited Commercial/Residential: allows multiple use of dwellings in areas on major thoroughfares along with various low-intensity uses such as small retail shops, crafts, professional offices, personal services, and home
  • Waterfront/Commercial: water-dependent, water-enhanced, professional, general retail, tourist accommodations, and visitor service businesses; this classification has special requirements for off-street parking, view protection, pedestrian circulation, dockage and architectural
  • Industrial: conventional processing, manufacturing, storage, repair of raw materials and fabricated items also would allow an R.V. park, boat storage, agriculture, research facilities,
  • Public: land to be used as parks, walkways and/or public
  • 190-6. Zoning Map.

The location and boundaries of said zoning districts are shown on the map designated “Official Zoning Map of the Village of Sodus Point,” adopted and certified by the Village Clerk. Said map together with everything shown thereon and all amendments thereto is hereby adopted and is declared to be an appurtenant part of this chapter.1
Zoning District Map Village of Sodus Point
190-7. Interpretation of district boundaries.
Where uncertainty exists with respect to the boundaries of any of the aforesaid districts as shown on the Zoning Map, the following rules shall apply:
A. Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following the center lines of right-of-way lines of streets, highways, public utility easements or watercourses, said boundaries shall be construed to be coincident with such lines. Such boundaries shall be deemed to be automatically moved if a center line or right-of-way line of such street, highway, public utility or watercourse is moved not more than   50 feet.
B. Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following the village boundary line, property lines, lot lines or projections thereof, said boundaries shall be construed to be coincident with such lines or projections
C. Where district boundaries are so indicated that they are approximately parallel to the village boundary line, property lines, lot lines, right-of-way lines or projections thereof, boundaries shall be construed as being parallel thereto and at such distances therefrom as indicated on the Zoning Map or as shall be determined by the use of the scale shown on the Zoning
D. Where a district boundary line divides a lot in a single or joint ownership of record at the time such line is established, the regulations for the less restricted portion of such lot shall extend not more than 30 feet into the more restricted

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