P.O. Box 159 – 8356 Bay Street Sodus Point, NY 14555 Phone: 315-483-9881

Food & Spirits

The Bay Street
Bay Street at John Street Sodus Point 14555
(315) 483-2233

Back Alley Grill

Bay Street at John Street Sodus Point 14555
(315) 483-2233

Captain Jack’s Good Time Tavern

8505 Greig Street Sodus Point 14555
Franklin House
8184 Sentell Street
(315) 553-2309

Hot’s Point (WIFI)

8482 Greig Street Sodus Point, NY 14555
(May through Labor Day)
The Marlin Sodus Point
8527 Greig St. Sodus Point, NY 14555
(315) 483-4444
Rubinos’s At the Point
7448 NY-14 Katlynn Marina
Sodus Point, NY 14555
Six50 on the Bay
8489 Greig St, Sodus Point, NY 14555
The Heights Restaurant & Banquet Facility
7030 Bayview Dr Sodus Point, NY
(315) 483-4767
Alton Coffee Cup – great for breakfast
5716 NY-14, Sodus, NY 14551
(315) 483-4852
Burnaps Garden Cafe (May – October)
7277 Maple Ave Exd, Sodus, NY 14551
Phone: (315) 483-4050

Steger Haus

7171 N Geneva Rd, Sodus, NY 14551
(315) 483-6548

Convenience Stores
The Pit Stop
8463 Greig Street Sodus Point


November Village Meetings

  • December 3th 4:00 P.M. Organizational Meeting
  • November 20th 6:30 P.M. Regular Board Meeting
Current Weather Radar


Phone: 315-483-9881

Fax: 315-483-0918

Village Clerk tdurham@soduspoint.info

Code Enforcement:



Mayor Dave McDowell



Village Projects

Week of November 19th

The wastewater main repairs are now complete.  The 49 lower manholes are also waterproofed.  The 3 lower lift stations still need to be sealed in order to complete our flood remediation work to the wastewater system.  The Village is working with engineers to make that happen.

Highway Department continues snow removal as needed.
Brush Schedule

Leaf collection was very short-lived due to the weather.   The highway guys did come around this week and pick up what piles they could identify.  We hope to be able to repeat that next week when the snow may be clear.  Whatever leaves we do not get this fall we will get in the spring.  Brush collection is over until April.
 Christmas tree collection as needed.