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Village Update – April 11, 2019

We were delayed in the village hall survey process. Today, the first of 2 pieces of mail will go out. This piece addresses some of the incorrect information we have heard. The survey itself will be mailed on Tuesday, April 16th. Responses are due to the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) on May 1. They can be provided via mail or electronically. Both pieces have been reviewed by an outside communication specialist. CGR will present the results at our May 16th village board meeting.
We withdrew our purchase offer on the Warren property last Friday. A response was due a week prior and the only communication from the seller was ‘they needed to speak with the attorney’. There seems to be a pattern of not responding to purchase offers from this seller which we had hoped to avoid The seller has since communicated with the Village. How we move forward will be based on the survey results.
We met with Wayne County Emergency Management on Monday to review our plans again. We agreed to stay in touch by email over the next few weeks. The water levels have begun to rise and are expected to continue for the next 4-6 weeks. Based on the latest forecast we should top out below 247 feet. Slightly above last year’s maximum and just below when our village begins to get wet.
The Active Transportation Plan Steering Committee will be meeting on April 25th to kick off that project. The steering committee members include Lynn Carlyle from the Zoning board; Gay Mills from Genesee Land Trust; Joe O’Toole from the Sodus Bay Historical Society; local resident and author Karen Shughart; local resident and Neighborhood Association representative Denise Washburn; Brett DeRoo from Wayne County Planning; Sharon Lilla, local resident and tenured planner; Joe Bovenzi from Genesee Transportation Council,Lora Leon representing NYSDOT and Maxine Appleby, the LWRP Commissioner and liaison to the village board. The project manager is Nicole Cleary from Barton & Loguidice. The steering committee will formulate the path forward.
The Genesee Land Trust has recently purchased the property east of Seaman street, almost to South Fitzhugh St. that has been for sale for several years. Gay Mills, from Genesee Land Trust will be giving the village board a presentation at the April 18th board meeting.
We have also been notified by the Buffalo Branch of the USACE that design monies have been secured for the repair of the east break wall. They plan to complete the work this spring/summer and will share a copy of the report when it is complete. That will give them and us the information to push for construction money.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Dave McDowell

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