P.O. Box 159 – 8356 Bay Street Sodus Point, NY 14555 Phone: 315-483-9881

Village Grants

Grants Awarded

Status Grantee Project Requested Match Date Submited Awarded Date Awarded Required Date Completion Status
Awarded CDBG Featherly/Wickham
$     469,572 $             $  469,572 8/2/2020 In process
Awarded UPWP ATP – non-motorized vechiles $        45,000 $         5,000 $    50,000 Jul-19 In process
Awarded NYS CFA Update LWRP & Codes $       85,000 $       25,000 7/26/2018 $    82,500 12/18/2018 In process
Awarded Sea Grant Kayak/Canoe Launch –
South Ontario
$        25,000 $    25,000
Submitted UPWP Circulation, Access &
$       45,000 $          5,000 10/19/2018 Denied – apply after ATP  is
Awarded Sodus
Ice Rink – Willow Park $          2,300 $      2,300 Oct-18 Complete
Awarded SAM Featherly Passive Park $     200,000 $             11/2/2018 $  100,000 11/9/2018
Proposed Preserve
Historic Resource Survey $         8,500 $         1,700
Proposed NYSERDA EV Charging Station $          6,515 $         1,300


DRI Ideas

Firehouse Rehab
Community Center Rehab
ATP Implementation

Genesee Land Trust Implementation
Featherly Park completion (water plant)
Ballpark Landscaping, more parking
Malthouse Biz Incentive?

6:30 P.M. Village Board Meeting September 19, 2019 (Agenda)
10:00 A.M. Active Transportation Plan Open House Fire Hall  September 21, 2019 6:30 P.M.
6:30 P.M. Village Board Meeting October 17th, 2019
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Contact Us

Phone: 315-483-9881

Fax: 315-483-0918

Village Clerk tdurham@soduspoint.info

Code Enforcement:



Mayor Dave McDowell



Village Projects

Regular weekly work schedule. The village will be starting to pave this fall. The hanging baskets are being removed the week of the 17th. All buildings are being pressure washed and the community center basement is being painted.

Brush Schedule

Generally, brush will be collected twice monthly during the months of April, May, September, October and November.

Monday, June 10th
Monday, July 8th
Monday, August 12th
Monday, September 9th
Monday, September 23rd

Tuesday, October 15th
Monday, October 29th
Tuesday, November 12th 

Brush and leaf Collection ends on Wednesday, November 27 Christmas tree collection as needed

Water Level Links

ATTN: links are not working, please use the Additional water level information can be found under the public notice tab. This area will be used for emergency water level information.

We are attempting to get these fixed.

USACE Daily Water Levels