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Water Level: 245.52ft
8356 Bay Street • Sodus Point, NY 14555
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The Shoreline 6/24/21

June 24th 2021
Thank you to Dave Cooper and Mike Golden for securing the plaques to the sign base in front of the fire department. The plaques recognize all the first responder's within our village, past and present.  

Water levels remain approximately 14 inches below the long term average and almost 2 feet below where we were last year at this time. Shipping is already having trouble in the river below Montreal so we should not expect any relief. This is really caused by two factors – little precipitation (drought conditions) throughout the entire Great Lakes basin as well as Plan 2014 which does not allow for human thought processes and judgement in altering the plan in real time. All of the extra water released over the winter (approximately 3 inches) was restored in March so that is not one of the issues.  

The fireworks for Independence Day will be held on July 3rd at 10pm, the rain date is July 5th. The sunshine car parade has been postponed to September 4th.  

Why do we have a bump out on Greig Street? This is a design requirement from NYS DOT. More importantly it is a safety feature. Studies show that narrowing a road way slows traffic. This also allows both pedestrians and drivers to more clearly see one another when crossing. The down sides are it makes plowing more difficult in the winter and it causes a loss of parking spaces. We have lost 4 in the project. We hope to add 12 or more to the north municipal parking lot with remaining contingency monies. We’ll know the feasibility of this better in a month.  

Storm water Project: The focus this week is to get the gravel up and a base of asphalt on the north side of Greig St, Wickham Blvd and Clover Street. This will not bring everything to level but it will clean up the streets. The sections are all prepared for the asphalt contractor.   Next week the same will occur on the south side of Greig Street. Once that is complete the leveling will begin. Expect one way traffic for large portions of this work – some of these box outs are significant. Driveways on the south side from Wolcott St to Maiden Lane will not be accessible for a few days.  
The landscaper has planted the new trees, and the shrubs have begun to be planted. This will take several days and will occur around the entire project.  
All of the final roadway milling and paving will take place beginning the week of July 12th and will last approximately 2 weeks.  
White Birch: We are working to get the final 4 easements signed so that we can move forward with the permits and bidding of the project.  
There are 2 other drainage projects that will be done over the summer. Central Avenue drainage will be reconstructed based on a design we secured a year ago. That work will be done by a contractor hired by the village, probably sometime in July. The highway department will also work on the drainage on South Shore Road below the golf course.  
REMINDER: This is the last week to pay your village taxes without a penalty.     Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.    

Dave McDowell

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