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The Shoreline 6/15/21

June 15, 2021

The clock in Willow Park is now functioning. Alice Bill and NASP have been pushing hard for this to happen. We finally found a reliable contractor who was able to make it happen reasonably. Many thanks to Alice for staying on top of this.

The village now has a new web site. We expect it is easier to find what you are looking for. You will find that it works much better on your phone or tablet. We will be adding more content over time. If you do not find what you are looking for, call the village hall and we will help you find it.

The fireworks for Independence Day will be held on July 3rd at 10pm. The sunshine car parade has been postponed to September.

Storm water Project:

All of the sidewalks are now poured with the exception of 2 small areas. These will be among the last tasks completed so that they are not damaged. All of the curbing is also in place.

This week the crews will work to get the driveways open. Asphalt was placed on the house side of many yesterday. That contractor will be back next week to finish the remaining driveways on both Wickham Blvd and Greig St and begin the road base paving.

Later this week, Wickham Blvd will be readied for base paving next Monday. Clover street will follow and then the crews will shift to Greig Street. We expect to see road work all of next week.

The landscaper is scheduled to be here for the next 2 weeks to get all the top soil placed and the plantings in the ground. They will focus around the business district first and then move to other locations. Once the top soil is placed, the parking area west of the ball field will be opened.

All of the final roadway milling and paving will take place in July after the July 4th holiday.


The bid spec for the implementation of this project will be finalized within 2 weeks and published for bids. Construction is anticipated in the fall.

White Birch:

We have received NYS approvals and just need to chase a few remaining easements.            Once these are in hand we anticipate final NYS approvals. Bid specs will follow for an anticipated fall construction.

The village tax bills are out and should have all been received by now. They can be paid at the village hall, by mail or on the web site https://soduspoint.info/online-payments/ via credit card or e-check.

Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.

Dave McDowell Dmcdowell@SodusPoint.info   

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