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The Shoreline 4/21/22

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April 21, 2022

In today’s edition:

  1. Water Level Updates
  2. New Businesses
  3. Village Notes
  4. Some Fascinating History

1 – Water Level Updates

We are now above 246.56, up about 9 inches in the last 3 weeks. Interestingly, we were right on the USACE forecast for this week on Monday. That rarely happens. I participated in the ISLLORB (River Board) Spring Update call on Tuesday. They continue to say we will not flood and that there is a greater chance of low water in the late summer. We can expect to stay about 12 inches above normal into July, at which point we may begin to see a fast decline.

The reality is we are at the point where we will be closing the flood gates and moving to pump only for the storm water system. Based on our Emergency Management Plan and the current date we are to the stay vigilant stage which means know what resources we have at the ready and which ones we need to get on hand. This has already been completed. We are in regular contact with Wayne County Emergency Management.

We will see 247’, probably a bit above. The ball field will be soggy and some of the lower lawns will be soggy. We will have water coming over sea walls in any big windstorms. Otherwise, we should be okay.

2- New Businesses

We are welcoming 5 new businesses to our amazing Sodus Point community this year.

Waterfront Wine & Spirits – Serving customers by land & Water, Sodus Point’s first liquor store in over 30 years is now open. Bringing you fine wine and popular liquors along with canned cocktails and flavorful mixers.

Sodus Bay Outfitters – SBO is a recreational destination located at 8487 Greig Street in Sodus Point. We rent kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, and beach bikes. Our retail shop features beach supplies

Sodus Point Mercantile – All are welcome at the Point’s Mercantile. The Mercantile will sell things like greeting cards, candles, books, blankets, swimwear, throw pillows, décor, branded Sodus Point gear and so much more. Stop by just to say hello or get a gift for your relatives.

Deli Company – Pultneyville Deli is bringing our homemade & delicious food to our new restaurant, Marina Grill, opening in May. Stop in and say hello!

Freedom Boats – Freedom Boat Club welcomes and embraces a broad mix of members to its ranks, from first-time boaters and newbies, to seasoned salts and former boat owners, from young families to active retired. Freedom Boat Club is also actively engaged in developing new and diverse markets. Anyone who loves the water and water-related activities is embraced as a member of Freedom Boat Club!

Please help us in welcoming them this season and check out everything they have to offer.

3- Village Notes

Tonight, there is a Public Hearing before the Board acts on the 2022-2023 Budget at 6:15 in the Village Hall. This is followed by the Village Board meeting at 6:30.

Water bills are due by April 30th. You can pay in person, by the mail or electronically. Any bills not paid by then will be added to the June Village Tax bill.

In recognition of Earth Day, NASP, WC Soil & Water and the Rotary are sponsoring a clean-up day this Saturday at the Beach and at Camp Beachwood. Show up at your favorite location at 10am to help.

Brush collection was delayed this week due to some issues with our loader. It is now operational and the brush is being picked up.

911 numbers – Please make sure your house numbers are on your house and visible from the street. This is important for first responders. It is also the law.

Check out the benches along the beach which were purchased as part of the dune project. Also check out the refurbished benches at the lighthouse and around the village. There are more to be done which will be tackled next winter.

The Independence Day Fireworks will be July 3rd like normal. We will also have fireworks on September 3rd to celebrate the end of the summer season.

4- Some Fascinating History:
Did you know that there was a horse powered boat on Sodus Bay in April 1850? Read about it here: https://historicsoduspoint.com/other/horse-powered-boat/

Feel free to call or email with any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Dave McDowell

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