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Sodus Point Wastewater System Update – April 19, 2017

When Plan 2014 was approved in December the village began to work with our engineer regarding actions that we needed to take. Our engineers have outlined the long term remediation actions needed and we have begun to seek funding for that.
Since we are faced with a potential flood now, we have waterproofed all 49 manholes that are below 250 above sea level using temporary solutions approved by our engineer. We chose that level because all the triggers in Plan 2014 are under 249 feet. There is no guidance on the right height to plan for from any source, Plan 2014 has left us all on our own.
We will begin next to waterproof the 3 pump stations that are below 250 feet. We will do that in a 2-step process. First, we will caulk and lay plastic and then cover the tops with sand bags. If the water continues to come up, we will build moats around the stations and deploy pumps, much like Arney’s has done.
We are taking these steps so that bay/lake water does not enter our system and over whelm it. If your sump pump discharges into your wastewater line, moving that to discharge outside will both help now and bring you into compliance with NYS codes.
It is our goal to keep everything running. If we begin to experience problems that indicate that may not be possible we will let you know.
We continue to meet with our engineer to take all the steps we can. We are also meeting with Wayne County Water Authority on Friday to seek their advice and help as we move forward.
Updates will be issued if anything changes one way or the other. You will be able to see the water level on the village website, soduspoint.info soon. There are several sites on the internet where this is available today.
Dave McDowell, Wastewater Commissioner

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