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November 22, 2021

November 22, 2021

We get a lot of positive feedback from The Shoreline. Our Village residents and Bay-enthusiasts seem to really appreciate these bi-weekly updates. I’ve recently been talking to the staff and we’ve decided to expand the content to make this newsletter even more helpful to you.

In today’s edition:

1.   Storm Water Dedication

2.   Water Level Updates

3.   Village Notes

4.   Some Fascinating History

Storm Water Project Dedication

When the State of NY funds a big project like this, they like to do a press conference and mark the occasion by bringing in a few officials and the team who designed and carried out the work--cutting a ribbon to mark the project complete. 

Of course, we’re still working through a punch list of items to complete. If you’re not familiar with construction-talk, a punch list is all the little things that have to be finished, discovered at the end of the project. We’re pleased with Cerone and the other contractors—they’ve been very responsive to wrap things up well. It takes time and continued effort. Thank you to our village residents for your input and patience. 

A HUGE special thanks to Costich Engineering. Mark, Sarah, Thomas and team. They worked around the clock for over a year helping us design and execute this project.

We were joined by Reuben McDaniel, the president of DASNY who funded this project. Our partners from NYS Department of State, Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Transportation were also present. I enjoyed speaking face to face with so many that I have spent hours on the phone with over the last many months.

The reality is that we couldn’t sit back and do nothing. We worked with the Wayne County REDI team, State agencies, engineering firms, to acquire $9+M in funds to protect our village from future damage. The included:

           - Dunes development,

           - Creating new elevations for drainage where there were none before,

           - New storm water evacuation drains and up to 36” size pipe,

           - Three new pump stations (6 pumps)—with the capacity to move ONE MILLION    GALLONS an hour,

           - The Flood Wall on Wickham Boulevard

Coastal communities have taken these measures as a natural course of action for centuries.

Seawalls, sand dunes, pump stations are employed in small communities all along the eastern seaboard and around the world.  We are incredibly grateful we have had the resources to take these protective measures here, and we’re grateful for the patience and perseverance of our village residents and visitors who put up with the process! Thank you!

2- Water Level Updates

Outflows are currently 8,530 cm/s which are the highest they have been since February 21st this year. Unfortunately all the rain has kept inflows above 9,000 cm/s for the last several weeks. That obviously causes our water levels to rise. We are up more than 3.5 inches since October 1st. The winter outlook is for a warmer, snowier winter than normal. Shipping will end in 4 weeks or so. At that time we should see a big rise in the outflow. We may be putting our new storm water system to the test this Spring.

3- Village Notes

Sodus Point Outfitter’s, a new store owned by Jennifer Evans won the Wayne County Kick-starter contest. 15 new companies in Wayne County competed for a $25,000 grant to get their business up and running. We congratulate Jennifer on her win and look forward to the grand opening.

Last week the highway department was able to vacuum up all the leaf piles around the village. The nice weather at the end of the week brought several more piles to the street. The highway department is working today to get those picked up as well. They do have both plow trucks set up if they are needed in the morning.

As you have seen, Wayne County will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2023. This link will take you to the committee’s newsletter. Subscribe so that you can be in the know. https://web.co.wayne.ny.us/544/News---Bicentennial-Bytes

NYS is following through on the Broadband Connectivity Act that was enacted earlier this year. They have contracted with ECC Technologies, a Rochester company, to survey all New Yorkers regarding their connectivity. Please complete the survey which is found at the following link: https://www.empirestatebroadband.com/

4- Some Fascinating History:

Did you know that Wickham Boulevard, the numbered streets, and the county beach were not there in 1854.

There is a historical plaque located on the Lighthouse grounds that depicts the formation of this land from 1829 to the present day. The formation began as a result of a federal pier built in 1834. We found pieces of this pier during construction of the storm water project.

Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.

The village team wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Dave McDowell


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