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REDI Initiative

REDI Initiative

Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative, or REDI, Commission to combat what looks like New York’s new normal. REDI is in charge of developing a plan to harden infrastructure along Lake Ontario’s waterfront while strengthening the region’s local economies.

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Stormwater management systems rebuild

– This would replace any existing stormwater system and replace it with a comprehensive solution from Bay Street Extension East in the village. It would include 2 new outfalls, eliminate a current outfall and provide valves at each location. It is anticipated that we could install a permanent pump to handle this entire area in the event of high water. A conceptual design has been completed. The initial estimate for this project is $2.4M exclusive of any pump.

Wickham Blvd

– The replenishment and resloping of the existing living shoreline using rock toe and riprap materials is a funded project that is currently in the design phase.  In addition to the repair, an additional living shoreline berm will be needed to keep the excess water off  the street in the event of high water.  This is especially true with any south wind.  This is approximately 800 feet of bay frontage.

Lake Ontario Beach

To eliminate the need for water barriers and sandbags,  a nature-based shoreline project is needed to reestablish sand dunes and seagrass as protection.  First Street through Eight Street.  Rebuilding the shoreline to a height of 3-4 foot should be sufficient.  Street end boardwalk entrances should be used in both establishing the berms and ensuring stability.  (See LWRP Design) The beach area has been identified as a major attraction to the village.  Sand transport will need to be continually monitored in the most westerly areas as those beach locations tend to have a higher amount of loss.  Portions of this area are public and privately owned.  This area is approximately 1,900 feet long.

Featherly Drive

Shoreline protection for this area has been funded for approximately 400 feet of shoreline. This is a key project as the wastewater outfall is located at this site. Since the high water event in 2017 and this year’s event, an additional 10-20 feet of shoreline has been lost due to the accelerated rate of erosion. The site is also partially funded for the development of a passive park in 2020.

Lakestones Drive

– This project is on private property.  There are two homes in jeopardy that are now very near the lake. At the location is a wastewater main across a long section of the property and a manhole a few feet from the lake. There is an easement in place for access.  A series of rock toe and a nature-based berm would ensure a safe distance from public infrastructure and nearby homes. The 700 feet are also prone to losing property along the lake.

Lakeshore West

– Working west from Lakestones drive there are several areas of the lakefront that are not protected.  These areas include many private homes, Camp Demolay; a public camp used by youth and White Birch campgrounds.  There is a wastewater main that is close to being in jeopardy within White Birch.  In total there are approximately 5,150 feet that need to be protected.

Sand Point

– Virtually all of sand point is protected by break walls today. They are at all different heights and in a variety of conditions. In an effort to ensure protection, it is recommended that a new, single wall of common design and height be built to protect then entire sand point. This will correct those walls that are undermined, the seams between walls built over time and help to keep the street dry. This protection should start at the south municipal parking lot and end at 650 on the Bay. This is roughly 7,450 feet of bay frontage to reinforce with a new break wall.

South Shore Drive

– Much like sand point, most of the South Shore homes are today protected by break walls. However, they are of many height and conditions and a new continuous break wall would ensure protection for these homes and the infrastructures above them. There is approximately 4,900 feet of bay shore that are not protected to 251 feet above sea level.

Other bayfront properties

– There are other areas along the bay from in the village that also must be considered. The north municipal lot is bordered by private property along the bay which has a failed break wall. Likewise, some of the neighbors to the north installed rip rap after 2017 but they are in need of more protections as this area had to be sandbagged to keep their homes dry. The section along Route 14 from Katelyn Marina to the Harriman Park Boat Launch also needs to be protected. The first portion is approximately 750 feet in length and the section along Route 14 is approximately 2,800 feet in length.

East Break Wall

– A USACE responsibility that must be addressed promptly. Any failure would put the properties on sand point in immediate jeopardy in any significant northerly storm.

Crescent Beach Breach

– This private property breach puts the easterly end of sand point in jeopardy during any nor’easter that comes our way today.  It also has changed the ice characteristics in the bay resulting in more people going thru the ice.  The water quality of the bay needs to be examined as it is suspected that this breach is causing some decline with the sediment and debris that flows thru the breach.

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