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The Following Applications will be heard at the Planning Board Meeting Monday September 10th, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. Village Hall. The public is invited to speak.

Pinkerton Breakwall (LWRP Review)

Michael Polter (Fence)

Doug Wagner Deck over Water (LWRP Review) Zoning will do short form SEQR

Ratkovicz Dock Extension (LWRP Review) Zoning will do short form SEQR

Janice McCready B & B Conversion (Special Use Permit) Zoning board will do Short form SEQR

Capezuto House (Preliminary) Needs Full SEQR


09-10-pinkerton wall

09-10-7461 irwin

09-10-doug wagner

09-10-ratkovicz dock

09-10-mccready b&b


Planning Board Meeting 09-10-2018