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Macyville Woodland Nature Preserve – Sodus Point

Macyville Woodland Nature Preserve

Genesee Land Trust working with the Village of Sodus Point to open a  nature preserve in the village. Macyville was the name of the area of Sodus Point around Sentell Street. This location south and east of the village highway barns on Seaman Street extending over to Sentell Street will feature walking trails, but otherwise, be left in a natural state. Macyville Woods Nature Preserve  is 34 acres and offers high-quality woodlands and wetlands and has a diverse community of tree species and provides important habitat for migratory songbirds along Lake Ontario and small mammals. This preserve offers a mix of habitats including wooded uplands and shrub-swamp wetlands.

For more information visit https://www.geneseelandtrust.org/public-spaces/macyville-woods

  • 7493 Seaman St Sodus Point, NY, 14555 (map)

Preserve Rules

All properties are managed for nature conservation. Welcomed uses include passive recreation, nature study, and photography. To avoid damaging vegetation, please stay on trails where possible.

Preserve Rules

No hunting or trapping
No guns allowed
No horses, motorized vehicles, or bicycles permitted
All dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after
No removal of vegetation or dead wood
No camping or fires
No trail cutting or marking of trees
Please respect our neighbors and neighboring properties

Please be aware that ticks infected with Lyme Disease are found throughout New York State. Please review this information about Lyme Disease.

Note that poison ivy is present throughout the region and may be present on Genesee Land Trust Preserves. Please wear long pants, appropriate footwear, and do not touch plants that look like poison ivy.

For more information on how to identify poison ivy, please review this information.

With specific questions about allowed uses and special use permissions please contact Kevin Farrell at kfarrell@geneseelandtrust.org.

Events and Meet-ups:

“The Genesee Land Trust Trail Keepers” is a volunteer trail program designed to give local trails a boost. Meeting the third Thursday of each month at different locations, this group gets together to work on trail-related projects at different Genesee Land Trust nature preserves. If you’re interested in getting outside, meeting others who care about nature, and picking up some outdoor skills, Trail Keepers is the opportunity for you!  Contact kfarrell@geneseelandtrust.org or visit geneseelandtrust.org

The name Macyville recalls Sylvanus Macy, a NYC businessman who believed the Sodus Point area had great potential and featured prominently in local development after the Civil War. It was Macy who built the bank that later became the customs house which stood on Sentell Street until 2001. The site of the new nature preserve is close to the where Macy lived while in Sodus Point on the what is now the corner of Seaman and Macy streets. Tom Lightfoot, our village historian, has written an article about Sylvanus Macy and his impact on local development. Read More about Sylvanus Macy here.

The History of Sylvanus J. Macy and Macyville

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Village Projects

Regular weekly work schedule. The village will be starting to pave this fall. The hanging baskets are being removed the week of the 17th. All buildings are being pressure washed and the community center basement is being painted.

Brush Schedule

Generally, brush will be collected twice monthly during the months of April, May, September, October and November.

Monday, June 10th
Monday, July 8th
Monday, August 12th
Monday, September 9th
Monday, September 23rd

Tuesday, October 15th
Monday, October 29th
Tuesday, November 12th 

Brush and leaf Collection ends on Wednesday, November 27 Christmas tree collection as needed

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