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LEGAL: Sodus Point Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing Notice 09-11-2018

The Sodus Point Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Tuesday September 11, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. in the Village Hall at 8356 Bay St. Sodus Point, NY 14555 on the following applications:

1. An area variance for Michael Bennis, 8130 Margaretta Road, Sodus Point to construct a 12’ x 18’ lean-to, 5’ from the property line where 7.5’ is required. (CODE 190-11) 2. A variance for John Ratkovicz, 8629 Greig Street, Sodus Point to extend a dock 4’3” wide x 26’6” long to reach deeper water. (CODE 86-11) 3. A special use permit for Janice McCready, 7589 N. Ontario Street, Sodus Point to convert her home into a bed and breakfast. (Code 190-8) 4. A variance for Doug Wagner, 8311 South Shore Road, Sodus Point for adding a 3’ cantilevered section of deck over existing break wall where 25 feet setback is required. (Code 190-11)

The public is invited to speak.

By order of the Village of Sodus Point Zoning Board of Appeals

09-11-ratkovicz dock
09-11-mccready b&b
09-11-doug wagner

LEGAL ZBA 09-11-2018