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8536 Bay Street • Sodus Point, NY 14555
Water Level: 245.52ft
8356 Bay Street • Sodus Point, NY 14555
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The Village is a small and quaint place where we boast that we do not have a stop light!  It’s really a little “cottage” village surrounded by the waters of Great Sodus Bay, the largest bay on the south shore of Lake Ontario. The businesses and residents are heavily involved in community projects making Sodus Point one of the best places to live all year around.

To Visit:

Historic Sodus Point is full of history going back to the War of 1812 and beyond. There are murals on the west and east side of the fire hall depicting some of the history.  The Sodus Bay Historical Society supports the “old lighthouse museum” which is a wonderful place to visit; not only for the local information it offers, but the spectacular view of the lake and lake shoreline.  The “society” also hosts the free weekly Sunday afternoon concerts during the summer.  You’ll hear everything from Glenn Miller, to Gap Magione and even a little bit of Blue Grass.  There are numerous places to eat and you can stay overnight at a lodge or one of the numerous bed and breakfasts in the “point”.

To Play:

You will find the fishing for perch, bass, lake trout or king salmon, whether in your own boat or a charter boat exciting.   If you are a hearty one, you may find ice fishing or even ice boating a refreshing treat to the cabin blues. There is a swimming beach on both lake and bay side where you can swim, play in the surf, and walk the beach. A beautiful golf course overlooks the bay where your view may be more important than your score.
As you surf this website, you will find many links to points of interest, activities and schedules that will make you want to visit or live in historic Sodus Point.

Get to the “point”!

Dave McDowell

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Legal Notice - Zoning Board Meeting May 26

Legal Notice Village of Sodus Point Zoning Board of Appeals

The Village of Sodus Point Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on May 26, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. in the Village Hall at 8356 Bay Street, Sodus Point, NY 14555 on the following applications: A special permit request by Steve Martin of 8259 South Shore Road, Sodus Point, NY 14555 to build a 12’ x 18.5’ north deck over water with 0’ setback on north-waterside and east setback is 5’ when 10’ is required. Adjacent property owners are: NORTH-Sodus Bay; SOUTH-Fasse; EAST-Livecchi; WEST- Kane. A special permit request by Sodus Bay Yacht Club of 7431 Irwin Street, Sodus Point, NY 14555 to build one 15’ x 200’ wave attenuator approximately 200’ offshore- south of Sodus Bay Yacht Club in the “fairway” between both special anchorage areas. This falls under the Village of Sodus Point Docks & Moorings jurisdiction by Chapter 86- Docks & Moorings. Adjacent property owners are: NORTH- Buyck, Benedetto, Hendrikse, Sullivan; SOUTH- Sodus Bay Junior Sailing, Sodus Bay; EAST- Perrin, Walsh, Mayo, Dodge, Mills; WEST- Shults, Cucchiara, Mamuscia, Balcomb, DiPisa, Kitchen, Topoleski, Mayo. An area variance request by William & Karen Dunn of 7342 Route 14, Sodus Point, NY 14555 to build a 23’ x 32’8” second story on existing structure 1.5’ from south side line when 5’ is required and 0’ from front line-waterfront when 25’ is required. Adjacent property owners are: NORTH- Sergeant, Norton; SOUTH-Ornt; EAST- Sodus Bay; WEST-Sergeant. Village of Sodus Point Zoning Board of Appeals
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