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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  • When are water bill payments due?

Water and sewer bills are invoiced quarterly and due at the end of the month. A late payment charge of 10% will be assessed on any unpaid balance of your water and sewer charges after due date.

  • I leave for the winter, do I have to pay my water and sewer charges?

Yes, water and sewer are utilities and are paid whether you reside in the location or not. 

  • What is the official newspaper for the Village of Sodus Point?
  • Times of Wayne County


    6:25 P.M. Code Changes
    6:30 P.M. Village Board Meeting July 18th
    6:30 P.M. Village Board Meeting August 15th
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    Contact Us

    Phone: 315-483-9881

    Fax: 315-483-0918

    Village Clerk tdurham@soduspoint.info

    Code Enforcement:



    Mayor Dave McDowell



    Village Projects

    06-04-2019 The Village crews are still assisting with sandbagging, brush pick up is to begin the week of June 10th

    Brush Schedule

    Generally, brush will be collected twice monthly during the months of April, May, September, October and November.

    Monday, June 10th
    Monday, July 8th
    Monday, August 12th
    Monday, September 9th
    Monday, September 23rd

    Tuesday, October 15th
    Monday, October 29th
    Tuesday, November 12th 

    Brush and leaf Collection ends on Wednesday, November 27 Christmas tree collection as needed

    Water Level Links

    USACE Daily Water Levels -:- Ottawa River Forecast  -:- USACE Great Lakes Water Levels -:- IJC Weekly Regulation Summary -:- IJC Lake Ontario Outflows-:- USACE Weekly

    Additional water level information can be found under the public notice tab. This area will be used for emergency water level information.