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8536 Bay Street • Sodus Point, NY 14555
Water Level: 245.52ft
8356 Bay Street • Sodus Point, NY 14555
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New York Forward Application

The 2023 Village of Sodus Point New York Forward Application
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Willow Park Master Plan Report

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Sodus Point Community Pier Study

The Sodus Point Community Pier Study 2023

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Sodus Point Parking Improvement Plan

The primary objectives of this document are to present the findings of parking inventory and utilization surveys conducted for the Village of Sodus Point as well as to identify potential changes to parking regulations and management strategies. These possible interventions aim to support improved parking operations and traffic conditions while maintaining safety for all users of the Village’s roadways. The planning process described combines field survey, data analysis, and stakeholder discussion to strengthen the resultant recommendations. GTC’s Long Range Transportation Plan 2045 identifies a suite of recommendations related to economic development that includes the identification of parking demand for sites and districts based on land use and time of day. This effort seeks to align with parking management recommendations that would revise traditional parking requirements and management techniques to reflect changing parking needs.
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Sodus Point New York Forward Final Application

NY Forward program was created to invigorate and enliven downtowns in New York’s smaller communities—the type of downtowns found in villages, hamlets and other small, neighborhood-scale municipal centers. NY Forward builds on the success of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) by adopting the same “Plan-then-Act” strategy as the DRI. The State has allocated $100 million for the first round of NY Forward. Each of the State’s ten Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) will have the option of recommending two communities for $4.5 million NY Forward awards or three communities one of which will receive $4.5 million and two will be awarded $2.25 million
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Sodus Point Main Street Market Analysis

Market conditions and opportunities in downtown Sodus Point
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South Ontario Street Drainage Project

Highlighting the impressive strides taken by the Village to partner and complete this project as part of the NYSDEC's Water Quality Improvement Program Round 13
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Greig St. inclusive of Wickham Blvd

This would replace any existing stormwater system and replace it with a comprehensive solution from Bay Street Extension East in the village. It would include 2 new outfalls, eliminate a current outfall and provide valves at each location. It is anticipated that we could install a permanent pump to handle this entire area in the event of high water. The conceptual design that was completed is being revised based on community feedback.
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Article 34 CEHA Training

Beach Dunes Protection

To eliminate the need for water barriers and sandbags, there is a need to establish/re-establish a sand berm and plant it with seagrass from First Street through Eight Street. Rebuilding the shoreline to a height of 3-4 feet should be sufficient. Street end boardwalk entrances should be used in both establishing the berms and ensuring stability. Sand transport will need to be continually monitored in the most westerly areas as those beach locations tend to have losses. This area is approximately 1,900ft.

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Lakestones Drive

This project seeks to address erosion and protect wastewater infrastructure west of and along Lakestones Dr. in the Village of Sodus Point. Currently, two homes with wastewater mains across the properties are at risk of being damaged if erosion is not controlled. There is also a sewer manhole several feet from the lakeshore. The proposed mitigation measures in the project will consist of: Repairing and improving approximately 700 ft of existing shoreline and stabilization of previously installed infrastructure. The 700 feet is also prone to losing property along the lake.
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White Birch Campground

This project seeks to address erosion encroaching on an eight-inch sewer line at the White Birch Campground in the Village of Sodus Point. The campground has direct exposure to the lake and continued erosion would expose the eight-inch sewer line. The proposed mitigation measures in the project will consist of installing approximately 1,000 ft of shoreline stabilization and will protect the wastewater infrastructure and campground that serves approximately 200 temporary and semi-permanent camp locations. Additionally, these stabilization measures will protect the shoreline from continued erosion. In total there are approximately 5,150 feet that need to be protected.
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