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Common Ordinances

Some Local Ordinances

Burning of rubbish principally composed of paper, tree trimmings, brush, leaves and discarded construction materials are not permissible in the Village of Sodus Point.

Boats which are not seaworthy or which have been abandoned may not be left in public view for more than 12 months

It shall be unlawful for any owner of a dog in the Village of Sodus Point to permit or allow such dog within the Village of Sodus Point to run at large, or be off the owner’s property unless leashed.
There is a $200 fine for not picking up dog feces. There are several stations around the village for waste.


Pursuant to Chapter 680 of the Laws of 2002 enacted General Municipal Law 209-cc, requiring the annual reporting of the presence of wild animals, each person owning, possessing or harboring a wild animal must report its presence to the Sodus Point Village Clerks office on or before April 1 of each year. The report will be distributed to each fire department, fire corporation, fire company, ambulance or emergency medical service department, ambulance corporation or ambulance or emergency medical service company that serves your location.

This information is necessary for emergency personnel to ensure the safety of you, your animals, your neighbors and themselves.

A list detailing what is considered a wild animal is available for inspection at the Sodus Point Village Hall or call 315-483-9881

In addition to New York State Laws applying to the operation of snowmobiles, the following regulations for operation within the Village of Sodus Point are hereby in effect:
All streets are designated as access routes, with the following provisions:
(1) Travel area is limited to the right shoulder of streets. No travel is permitted on paved areas.
(2) Pedestrian and vehicle traffic will have the right-of-way at all times.
(3) New York State Highway Route 14, including South Fitzhugh, Bay and Greig Streets subject to current state laws.

Travel will be limited to most direct routes in or out of the village.
No person may operate a snowmobile at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour on the village streets.
No snowmobile may be operated on private property within the village without the owner’s consent.
No snowmobile may be operated in the vicinity of village churches when services are being conducted.
No snowmobile may be operated on village sidewalks.
During emergencies, such as heavy snowstorms, requests for special snowmobile use must be obtained from Village Police Chief or his designated officer.

Ages Minors 17 or under 10 pm Sunday through Thursday 11 pm Friday and Saturday

The Village of Sodus Point of Ordinances Section 84.1 -84.9

Chickens or any farm animal are not allowed in the Village of Sodus Point

Section 175-8. No vehicle shall be parked on any public highway or in any public parking area within the corporate limits of the Village of Sodus Point between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the period beginning November 1 and ending March 31 of each year.See Chapter 175 for all parking regulations

Section 175-4 Speed limitations.

Thirty miles per hour is herby established as the maximum speed limit at which vehicles may proceed within the corporate limits of the Village of Sodus Point.

§ 86-23.1. Deicer limitations and configuration.
A. Deicers shall not be permitted within 300 feet of a public access area.
B. Deicers shall be installed in a manner so as not to create open water in excess of 20 feet from the structure serviced by the deicer.
C. Every structure for which a deicer shall be permitted shall be posted in such a manner as to warn persons from the land and water side of the use and operation of such deicer.
(1) Daytime warnings shall consist of a sign of not less than four feet by four feet which displays lettering in blaze orange in letters not less than six inches in height, which states: “Caution: Open Water.”
(2) Nighttime warnings shall consist of a flashing amber light of at least six inches in diameter, which can be seen from the water side a minimum distance of 500 feet. Such warning light must operate nightly between dusk and dawn.
(3) Such warning lights and signs must be in use and functioning between December 1
and April 1.


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