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September 17, 2021

 The village highway department and All-County Construction will begin work next Wednesday on the Central Ave drainage project. This was engineered a couple of years ago after significant degradation to the road side drainage was observed. This project is expected to be completed next week. Following that project, the village paving will occur the week of the 27th. We will pave the remainder of Wickham Blvd and the remainder of Margaretta Road.

The Village of Sodus Point is working with economic development firm, Jon Stover & Associates, to conduct a market analysis of retail conditions and feasibility along Greig Street. The work, conducted over the coming months, will help the Village, current businesses, property owners, and future businesses better understand market conditions and help make Greig Street more vibrant moving forward. The consultant will be reaching out to Sodus Point businesses in the coming weeks. Businesses and local property owner stakeholders who want to provide input on the project can contact Leslie Gray, LDeacon@stoverandassociates.com.  The study is funded by a grant from the NYS Department of Community Renewal Main Street Program.

The Town of Sodus is holding a clean-up on October 2nd from 8:30 to 3:30 at the town barn on Rotterdam Road. They are also holding a shredding event on the same day from 9-12 in the Municipal Parking lot in the Village of Sodus.

We have noticed a proliferation of trash and dog waste both along the lake at Featherly Drive and along the Beach. This is a poor reflection on our community and harmful to the environment. Please pick up your litter and dog waste.

We have just been advised that the Verizon cell tower is expected to be built over the winter to satisfy the requirements in the DEC permits regarding the eagles nest. The tower will be built east of the wastewater tanks above the wastewater plant.

The beach project will see beach grass planted after October 15th when harvesting of the grass is safe. Tom Hart will be on site and direct any other changes or adjustments that may be prudent.

The storm water project is about 95% complete at this point. The pavers will be back next week to make some corrections and finish some remaining work. The landscapers are scheduled to finish the hardscape work next week. Flygt (pump manufacturer) still needs to bring back the pump missing from the Wickham Blvd pump station. Once the contractor indicates they are complete, a final walk through and punch list will be created and addressed.

Proposals for the Lakestones project are due back to the village on October 1st. The board will take action at our October Board meeting. We expect construction to take place in November.

The White Birch project has completed the site control attestation and should have a grant disbursement agreement within 2 weeks. We expect the DEC to sign off on the Maintenance Plan next week. That will then be shared with the White Birch Association for their review.

Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.

Dave McDowellDmcdowell@SodusPoint.info   

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