Public Notice abolishment of SPPD

Notice of Adoption of Local Law Subject to Permissive Referendum

Village of Sodus Point

Notice is hereby given that the Village Board of the Village of Sodus Point, Wayne County, New York, at a special meeting thereof, held on May 15, 2017, duly adopted, subject to a permissive referendum, a local law, an abstract of which is as follows:
“The Village of Sodus Point Police Department be an the same is hereby abolished, effective June 18, 2017”
Unless a petition signed by at least 20 per centum of the electors of the Village of Sodus Point is received by June 15, 2017 protesting said local law and requesting a referendum thereon.

Dated: May 16, 2017

Tracy B. Durham
Village Clerk Treasurer
Village of Sodus Point

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