Planning Board – Public Notice 03-19-2018

A Public Hearing before the Planning Board of the Village of Sodus Point, New York, will be held on Monday March 19, 2018 at 7:00 PM, in the Village Hall, 8356 Bay Street, Sodus Point, New York, The following application will be considered: Final Subdivision application for Bob Mills, 7059 Bayview Drive, Sodus Point. Mr. Mills would like to subdivide a parcel of land into two smaller lots, (one conforming and one non-conforming). (CODE 190-54) The Planning Board will hear all persons who wish to be heard with regard to these matters at the Public Hearing herein noted. Any person wishing to be heard may appear in person or by legal representative.

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bob mills planning

By Order Of
Sodus Point Planning Board

Additional Items

Tom Frank – Site Plan Review 6 Ft Fence
Pitti – Site Plan Review of construction of a breakwall (Consistency Review)

Gerard Palmer – Site Plan Review – construction of a breakwall (Consistency Review)

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