NYS Coastal Review

Sodus Point is located in a NYS Coastal area.


What is Consistency Review?

The Department of State (DOS), as the agency responsible for administering the New York State Coastal Management Program (NYS CMP) (pdf) is committed to balancing competing land and water uses in the coastal zone. Consistency Review is the tool which enables the DOS to manage coastal uses and resources while facilitating cooperation and coordination with involved State, federal and local agencies.  The “consistency” of a proposed activity with the NYS CMP is determined through a set of coastal policies and procedures designed to enable appropriate economic development while advancing the protection and preservation of ecological, cultural, historic, recreational, and esthetic values.

More information about the NYS CMP is available within the NYS CMP and Final Environmental Impact Statement.

Click here for more information about the regulatory context of consistency review.

Q: How can I determine if my project is in the coastal area?

A: The Coastal Boundary Map contains a visual approximation of New York’s Coastal Area Boundary. This map has been designed using the Google Map application for ease of use, and instructions for using the map are available here. The official boundaries of the coastal area are available from the New York State GIS Clearinghouse.

Q: What are the State’s coastal waters and inland waterways?

A: Coastal waters and inland waterways are defined in New York State Executive Law, Article 42, Section 911.

Q: If my project is located in the state’s coastal area, does it need to be reviewed by the Department of State?

A: If your project requires a permit or other regulatory approval from a federal agency, or involves federal financial assistance, a consistency review by the Department of State will likely be required.

Q: What is involved in a consistency certification and obtaining a consistency determination from the Department of State prior to receiving a federal permit?

A: A copy of all federal application materials should be submitted to the Department of State at the same time they are sent to the federal permitting agency. The applicant certifies to the federal agency and the Department of State that the project complies and is consistent with the New York State Coastal Management Program. No federal agency can issue a permit for a project affecting New York’s coastal area until the Department concurs with the consistency certification.