Blow Off Day information from the Office of the Wayne County Sheriff

In addressing “Blow Off Day, Wednesday, July 11th this Office will continue to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment in and around the Village of Sodus Point by conducting STOP-DWI Educational Road Checks most of the day on Route 14 and Lake Road. Deputies will be giving out educational material and addressing highway safety.

On Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario there will be a heighted marine patrol presence.

This Office’s concentrated efforts in the Town of Sodus and Village of Sodus Point is to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience as highway traffic and boating traffic is expected to increase dramatically.

Please note, in 2016 numerous traffic tickets and six (6) DWI arrests were made in and around the Village of Sodus Point on Blow Off Day.

In 2017, one traffic ticket was issued and there were no DWI arrests.

My goals again this year is to educate motorist to prevent DWI arrests.

Be safe.


Barry C. Virts, Sheriff

Wayne County
Office of the Sheriff
7376 Rt. 31, Suite 1000
Lyons NY 14489

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